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Fwd: FW: "New (+ Old) Media: Restoration, Preservation, Archiving & Access" @ CURRENTS - Santa Fe


From: Richard Lowenberg [] Subject: "New (+ Old) Media: Restoration, Preservation, Archiving & Access" @ CURRENTS - Santa Fe New (+ Old) Media: Restoration, Preservation, Archiving & Access @ CURRENTS: Santa Fe International New Media Festival New (+ Old) Media: Restoration, Preservation, Archiving & Access, to be held June 25-27, will be a two day invitational retreat Working Meeting, a Public Symposium and a Screening of selected early video/media art works, as a special program of the June 12-28, 2015 CURRENTS: Santa Fe International New Media Festival. New (+ Old) Media: Restoration, Preservation, Archiving & Access, organized and hosted by 1st-Mile Institute’s SARC (Scientists/Artists Research Collaborations) program, is bringing together an illustrious group of invited media curators, archivists, educators, conservators, technical experts, collectors, funders, artists and scientists at the forefront of efforts to address critical, timely issues regarding the ongoing life, value and access to media arts, sciences, systems and our ever-emergent cultural heritage. A Two Day Invitational Working Meeting with 20-25 participants + special guests, will be held at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Thursday and Friday, June 25 and 26. · Exchanges will range from the digitization of old video tapes and analog media, to cross-disciplinary issues and understandings of emerging technologies and processes, evolving ethno-cultural creativity, networked relationships, open access, legal and economic matters and the convergence of the arts, sciences, tools, methods and world-views. o The Vasulka Archives may serve as a potential best-practices case study initiative. A Free Public Symposium: on the past and future life of new media, emergent art forms, open access +, will be held at El Museo Cultural, in the Santa Fe Railyard, Saturday, June 27, 10:00 am. - 1:00 pm. A Screening of selected, rare early video/media artworks, will be held at El Museo Cultural, Saturday evening, at 7:30, followed at 8:30 by a special four-screen projected video-audio program by Steina. Program Announcement .pdf attached: Please check CURRENTS online schedule for program updates and video screening details: Contact: Richard Lowenberg --------------------------------------------------------- Richard Lowenberg, Executive Director 1st-Mile Institute P. O. Box 8001, Santa Fe, NM 87504 505-603-5200 ---------------------------------------------------------

Edward Tufte one-day course "Presenting Data and Information" in Austin, Houston, Dallas in May 2015


Dear colleagues,
You may be interested to know that Edward Tufte will be in Texas in May to give his one-day course “Presenting Data and Information.”

The Texas dates are May 18 (Austin), May 19 (Houston), and May 21 (Dallas)
Please forward this along to anyone else who may be interested.
Heidi Bostic, PhD
Professor of French
Chair, Department of Modern Languages & Cultures
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97391
Waco, TX 76798
tel 254 710 4284
fax 254 710 3799



APRIL 24-25-26 FAIR PARK – DALLAS, TEXAS 75,000 ATTENDEES EXPECTED! DATE: SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 2015 TIME: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM LOCATION: HALL OF STATE, LOWER LEVEL Join Walter Johnson, Ph.D., Charlie Lindahl, and Ron Blake for the first-ever EDTx Citizen Science with Makerspace Workshop. The presenters will bring unique insights into to the interconnected worlds of citizen science, statistics, the Maker Movement, and their profound ability to empower individuals to affect positive environmental change. Ron Blake, the Greymaker, will discuss the creation and growth of the Maker Movement and will envision what the future may hold for environmental applications ranging from eco-friendly entertainment to devices that could extract greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere. Charlie Lindahl will lead a workshop discussing the Raspberry Pi hardware platform including sensors that can be used for a personal weather station (the AirPi kit from, an online store). His presentation will also cover a DIY desktop spherical display using off-the-shelf inexpensive parts. Walter Johnson will lead a presentation on the use of hand-held Raspberry Pi devices to collect environmental measurements. He will also demonstrate how to use software to extract data from collected images and discuss how such data can be used to further resource conservation. This inaugural event will conclude with a roundtable discussion designed to develop year-round engagement opportunities, take home projects, and the format for an annual EDTx Citizen Science competition. EDTX CITIZEN SCIENCE WITH MAKERSPACE WORKSHOP WALTER JOHNSON, PH.D RON BLAKE CHARLIE LINDAHL Walter Johnston received a Ph.D. in Statistics from UT Austin. He worked in industry at Abbott Laboratories, DSC, Nortel, UT Southwestern Medical Center, and the RLX startup. He currently teaches in the Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas. Ron Blake is the co-founder of a start-up called Merrymaker Labs based in small town Liberty, Texas, with exposure and experience in Houston and San Francisco. Blake believes anyone can, and should get involved in the Maker Movement. Charlie Lindahl is a lifelong geek/nerd. He has an insatiable curiosity about All Things Tech and is currently employed as dedicated IT support for Campus Operations within Texas A&M’s Health Science Center. EDTx 2015 CITIZEN SCIENCE WITH MAKERSPACE WORKSHOP All talks to have 10-15 minute Q&A ● 1100 / Opening (10 minutes) ● 1110-Noon / Ron / 40-45 minute talk ○ (Makerspace history) ● Noon-1230 / Lunch, mixer, discussions ● 1230-1330 / Charlie / 40-45 minute talk ○ (Makerspace Products) ● 1330-1430: Walter Johnston (UTD)/ 40-45 minute talk ○ (Remote Sensing History and Handhelds) ● 1430-1530 / David Lary, PhD (UTD) ,: 40-45 minute talk ○ (Remote Sensing: UAVs and Pollution Monitoring) ● 1530 - 1630 / Nicholas Gans, PhD (UTD): 40-45 minute talk (??) ● 1630 - 1700 / Demos (multiple) ● 1700 - 1800: Panel Discussion w/ Audience Q&A ● Demonstrations ○ Various hardware devices / systems ○ Software environments ● Panel Discussion - Ron, Charlie, Walter, others (?) ○ Current Citizen Science projects ■ Nasa Space Apps: project Bigwhoop ■ Nerds for Nature in the Bay Area ■ Others ? ○ Suggestions for going forward: ■ How to continue the discussions ■ Planning for next year’s event (EDTX 2016) ○ Audience feedback questionnaires for entire session

TxHATS Experts Meeting @ Umlauf Sculpture Center - Outcomes, Photo Gallery, Survey


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Future of Academic Publishing and the art/sci/tech field


The University of TExas at Dallas News Release For Immediate Release UT Dallas Hosts Colloquium on the Future of Academic Publishing Richardson, Texas (April 10, 2015) — With a panel of leading experts in the field of academic publishing, UT Dallas is starting a conversation on the current and future trends of knowledge curation. The colloquium will be Monday, April 20th in UT Dallas’ Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building room 1.201 from noon to 1 p.m. Nick Lindsay, journals director at MIT Press, will head the conversation. With his experience managing both day-to-day operations and strategic initiatives at MIT Press, Lindsay will speak about the evolving scholarly communications ecosystem. Before joining MIT Press, Lindsay serves as journals director at The University of California Press in Berkley. He is also a graduate of New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute, an intense, six-week study of book, magazine and digital publishing. Other panelists include: Dr. Roger Malina, Arts and Technology Distinguished Chair at UT Dallas. ATEC Prof Roger Malina, Executive Editor of the Leonardo Publications at MIT Press, will talk about the experimental publishing initiative in the ArtSciLab including the Creative Disturbance scholarly podcast platform and the living ebook series at MIT press. He will discuss strategies on how to capture the growing ‘grey literature’ which is having an increasing impact on scholarly publishing in the art, science and technology field. Dr. Rainer Schulte, the Katherine R. Cecil Professor of Foreign Languages at UT Dallas. In 1978, Schulte co-founded the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA), whose national office is also located at UT Dallas. Through his editorial work, as well as through his own publications on the art and craft of translation, he has raised the visibility of translation in the United States and has been instrumental in promoting literary translation at other universities. Dr. Maximilian Schich, associate professor of arts and technology (ATEC) at UT Dallas. Schich works and collaborates to converge art history, information visualization, computer science and physics to understand cultural history as a complex system. Schich is the organizing chair of the ongoing NetSci symposia series on arts, humanities and complex networks, as well as an editorial advisor at Leonardo journal. Dr. Rosanna Guadagno, associate professor in emerging media and communication and associate professor of psychology at UT Dallas. Her research interests focus on the confluence of three main areas: Social Influence in Mediated Contexts; Psychological Processes in Social Media, Video Games, and Virtual Environments; Gender Roles. Guadagno is an expert blogger for Psychology Today, is on the editorial board for Basic and Applied Social Psychology and CyberPsychology, Behavior, & Social Networking, and is an associate editor for the International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies. Norma Martin, director of editorial services at Texas Christian University; editor, The TCU Magazine; editor, Endeavors. Martin serves as director of editorial services, which includes the publication operations of The TCU Magazine and its website. She also oversees publication of Endeavors magazine as well as the Marketing and Communication’s photo archives. Prior to joining TCU, Norma spent 27 years working for daily newspapers, the last 12 years in newsroom management positions. She is a two-time fellow of the Nieman Foundation’s Narrative Editors seminar at Harvard University. The event is free and open to the public. # # # Media Contact: Chaz Lilly, UT Dallas, (972)883-2155,

Fwd: Earth Day Texas

Sent: Friday, April 03, 2015 10:51 PM
Subject: ABSTRACT EDTX 2015




If you're in Dallas during April 24-26th, I highly recommend attending EarthDay TX 2015. My friend Ron Blake, the "Greymaker",

is going to be giving a historical/philosophical talk about the Maker Movement.


Ron is a great storyteller and historian, and he has experienced firsthand some of the early days not only of the Maker Movement

but also the PC revolution (he was in the room when Steve Jobs introduced the Apple II and when Gates first showed off MS DOS).


Spread the word to interested parties. 


Ron has a wry/spry sense of humor .. it'll be fun!







EARTH DAY 2015 presentation by Ron Blake, The Greymaker

Ron Blake, The Greymaker, will take you on a magical, mystical and fact filled tour of the creation and growth of the Maker Movement from the beginning of time through the historic and recent past into the present and future. Even if you are already deeply involved as a Maker, you may gain some insights and perspective from this thought provoking introduction and overview. If you’re new to the Maker Movement, you’ll be fast tracked into how we have grown from loosely organized hobbyists and geeks into what The Economist magazine has termed the ‘Third Industrial Revolution’ perhaps transcending in importance the Second, also known as the Computer Revolution.

We will also examine the rapid growth of Makerspaces and envision what the future may hold particularly as it applies to environmental applications ranging from Eco-friendly entertainment to someone in his garage developing a carbon mining device extracting and converting greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere potentially foreshortening the demise of life as we know it or even saving our planet.

With recent experience visiting the Bay Area Maker Faire and regional Maker Faires, Ron will also relate how the energy and excitement he first experienced as one of 7,000 attendees at the First West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco in 1977 is alive and growing at Maker Faires around the world. In 1977, when Steve Jobs rolled out the first Apple II and Bill Gates privately discussed how he envisioned developing an operating system to support his popular BASIC interpreter, it was as if two Pied Pipers lead us into the future. Having written his first FORTRAN program in 1965 and experiencing the birth of the Personal Computer Revolution, The Greymaker will provide a rich context of the background and history of where we are today. But be forewarned, when asked what does The Greymaker make? He replies, “I make makers. Have you been made?”

However, the past is but prologue. In the second third of his presentation, Ron will further describe what he metaphorically calls Maker Algebra, a generalization of how individuals and small groups have come together from the ground up to create today’s impressive and rapidly growing infrastructure of interconnected Maker and Hackerspaces. Numerous case studies will focus on Earth Day and environmental Maker related activities currently accomplished or underway around the world. Additionally, handouts and websites with valuable links to those activities and ways to be involved will be provided.

The final third of the talk will be very forward looking and interactive with ample opportunity for Q&A and audience participation. Come prepared to be entertained as well as informed. With the assistance of the Earth Day Technical Support staff, you can expect some innovative and exciting audio and visual presentations.



STEM & Humanities Symposium, Baylor U (Waco, TX) April 9, 2015


Dear colleagues,

All are welcome to the 1st Annual Baylor University Symposium on STEM & Humanities.
Thursday, April 9, 2015
12:30-5:00 p.m.

The Symposium features a panel of faculty members describing their work at the intersection between STEM & Humanities, as well as 2 keynote lectures:

Dr. Roger Malina, UT-Dallas, "In Praise of Hybridity: New Forms of Collaboration between the Arts and Humanities with the Sciences and Engineering"

Dr. Scott Harper (Baylor alum, medical doctor at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), "Anatomy of an Outbreak: Ebola in Africa and the United States"

Heidi Bostic
Heidi Bostic, PhD
Professor of French
Chair, Department of Modern Languages & Cultures
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97391
Waco, TX 76798
tel 254 710 4284
fax 254 710 3799
STEM and the Humanities | Baylor Arts & Sciences at the intersection of STEM & Humanities
Free and Open to the Public Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences April 9, 2015 Cashion 5th floor 12:00–5:00 p.m.
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Fwd: University of Texas at Dallas Special ATEC Colloquium -MARCUS NEUSTETTER Mon., March 23 at noon


Mon., March 23 at noon University of Texas at Dallas SPECIAL ATEC COLLOQUIUM MONDAY MARCH 23, 2014 12:00 PM ATEC 1.201 Marcus Neustetter Art-Science Collaboration as an Opportunity for Social Change - Perspectives and Experiments from a South African Art Activist Marcus Neustetter will be sharing his experience as a media artist from a context in which he constantly questions his relevance as an artist and his interest to respond to his environment and its needs. Presenting a series of personal and collaborative projects, he will illustrate some of the challenges working with scientists and technology in a third world environment through low-tech socially engaged processes and personal artist experiments. With these he attempts to find some possible solutions and make sense of his own roles and responsibilities to affect change. Johannesburg based artist, cultural activist and producer, Marcus Neustetter, reflects critically and playfully on his context through his art and collaborative projects. His practice has ranged from socially engaged public art projects to his personal exploration of the intersection of art, science and technology for the past 15 years that has shifted between gallery and museum installations and exhibitions in major international centres to performing in archeological dig sites, meteorite impact craters, astronomical observatories and transforming African urban centres. Mostly process driven, his production of art at the intersection of art, science and technology has led him to work in a multi-disciplinary approach from conventional drawings to permanent and temporary site specific installations, mobile and virtual interventions and socially engaged projects internationally. He has exhibited extensively in different parts of Europe, Africa and North America. In partnership with Stephen Hobbs, Neustetter, as the co-director of The Trinity Session, has innovated in the cultural industry, public art, and socially engaged practice in South Africa. If you are not UTD and wish to attend please do, contact We are also organising a dinner for him tuesday evening in dallas-if you wish to join us contact me roger malina

Dear Texas Digital Humanists,


Dear Texas Digital Humanists, Southwestern University will hold its annual Brown Symposium this Thursday and Friday, titled "What Things May Come: 3D Printing in the Fine Arts and Sciences." The exciting schedule of events can be found here. All are welcome. Best wishes, Charlotte Charlotte L. Nunes, Ph.D. Mellon/Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Scholarship Southwestern University Smith Library Center 201 1001 East University Avenue Georgetown, TX 78626 512.863.1111